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Public Liability

Public Liability Insurance can benefit all businesses from your local tradesman to large firms. This cover makes sure that your business is protected for claims where you are found liable for causing injury or damage to a third party.

There is often a long list of risks that can lead to a legal claim especially where your premises are regularly visited or if your employees visit clients to provide a service. Where an incident occurs resulting in injury or damage, Public Liability cover is designed to protect your organisation.

Common Claim Situations Include:

  • Damage to Clients Property - When businesses work on the property of a client, this raises risk of damaging their property. An example of this would be if a plumber installs a faulty fitting which resulted in a flooded bathroom, this would be covered under a Public Liability section.

  • Damage to a Third Party - If in the example above the water damage causes damage to a neighbouring property, this would be considered third party damage and again would be covered under a Public Liability section.

  • Personal Injury - For most businesses, it is frequent to have visitors on the premises for a variety of reasons. If whilst on the premises, a person were to slip due to a wet floor or trip over, your business would be liable for medical expenses and potential compensation. This would again be covered under a Public Liability section of a policy.


The benefits of having the correct cover in place is apparent and our Account Executives would be happy to discuss your specific requirements. Get in touch today on 03458622727.

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