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Property Owners

When it comes to Property, we understand that you may need cover for either commercial or domestic tenants and in some cases, both under the same roof.

Addingstone are experts in placing cover for your property to ensure that you are covered not only for the building but any other losses that may arise following an insured peril.

We understand the accuracy of cover is vital and as well as finding you the most comprehensive yet competitive cover, we can also offer a valuation service for your building to reassure you that the full rebuild cost would be covered should the worst happen.

What do we cover?

In addition to covering your building, we cover:

Loss of Rent - In the event that your property suffers from an insured peril such as a fire, you will be covered for any rent you are not able to earn from loss of tenants during this time.

Landlords Contents - Any contents supplied by you as the property owner, such as carpets, kitchens and furniture supplied would be considered the landlords contents and would be the responsibility of you to ensure adequate insurance. Anything brought in by the tenants would be for them to cover separately.

Legal Expenses - If in the event you found yourself in a scenario where tenants are not paying, but you cannot evict them, your policy can cover the cost to pursue the case through the courts. This section looks to assist with any disputes you may have with your tenants.

Property Owners Liability - In the event where, for example, an unstable wall or roof tiles fall and subsequently injure or damage a third party, this policy section would cover you for the repair or compensation owed.


With wide market access, we are able to cover buildings of a commercial and domestic nature and even buildings of unusual construction.

Get in touch with our team today on 03458622727 and we would be happy to provide you with quotes for your property.

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