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Construction: Top Tips to protect your plant

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

It is likely that as an organisation, you already practice a variety of health and safety precautions to protect your employees on-site however recent research has emphasised the importance of also protecting the actual various equipment and construction plant.

Experts have in fact found that theft has risen since 2013 by 55 percent with the average cost as high as £5,000. More than ever it is crucial to ensure your construction plant has proper protection and strong security measures. Consider this guidance to keep your plant secure so you don’t become the next victim of stolen equipment and machinery:

  • Implement proper security systems— By installing controlled entry and exit systems on site, you could prevent break-ins and detect intruders. Providing a security guard at site entrances, utilising security cameras and implementing alarm systems are other common methods used.

  • Protect your equipment— By keeping plant equipment securely locked and stored out of sight whilst not in use, it will make it more difficult to steal. Other methods include requesting employees to sign-out equipment that they wish to use, marking equipment with unique identifiers or installing GPS trackers.

Ultimate peace of mind can however be ensured through purchasing adequate cover. Addingstone Insurance would be pleased to hear from you today to discuss your requirements and find a tailored insurance solution.

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