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Business Continuity Plan

We hope that you are never faced with business threats that impact trading, however our goal is to help you prepare for any disruption.

At Addingstone, we understand that creating a successful Business Continuity Plan can be a lengthy process, which is why our team are able to work with you to do this.

Below are five simple steps we take to create and implement your plan.

1. Determine Risks.

We will work with you to understand and identify all areas of threat and vulnerability that your business could come up against.

2. Explore Mitigation.

Once risks are determined, we can explore all the different ways the effects of emergencies can be reduced. Keeping up-to-date and relevant emergency contact information available will speed up the process of getting your organisation back on track. Supplier replacements or temporary factory spaces are just two important examples.

3. Business Interruption Insurance

In conjunction with preparing for disruption with a Business Continuity Plan, insurance is key to protecting your company from any financial losses incurred when it’s operations are temporarily disturbed. This can be extended to include your suppliers having issues too.

4. Communication

Once completed, all employees should have access to the plan to read and understand. You can also consider sharing your plan with key customers and suppliers.

5. Train Employees

Ensuring employees are confident is the key to implementation of your new Business Continuity Plan. Training employees in evacuation, shelter and emergency procedures annually or when you are introducing new employees, is an easy way to begin.

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