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The element of uncertainty is why we complement our range of Commercial insurances, by providing Business Protection Assurance.


Business Protection helps protect your business from the financial losses incurred if a key person or owner of a business should die or be diagnosed with a terminal or critical illness. Premises can be rebuilt, plant or products replaced but the recovery of a person is not nearly as certain.


There are four different types of Business Protection:

Key Person - Profit Protection 

Policy proceeds are paid directly to the business to be used to help replace a Key Person and help cover the loss of profits that may occur.


Key Person - Loan Protection 

Policy proceeds are used to help payoff any loans your business may have. These will include Bank Loans or Director Loan Accounts which need to be repaid on death.


Share - Ownership Protection 

Policy proceeds are used to help buy the share of the business if an owner or partner is diagnosed with a critical illness or dies.


Group Life – Death in service benefit

Can be paid to staff members estate to help their family through the difficult times.

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